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What is the Star Rating?

As part of the Binks commitment to customer focus, we would like to share our customers’ feedback relating to transactions carried out by our Sales or Lettings & Management departments. This information is collated and published on our website. We believe it is important for our new or current customers to quickly and simply gain an understanding of how we are performing from a customer’s perspective.

How is my data used?

If you agree, the score, your surname and title and any comments you enter will be shown on our website ( and other potential customers will be able to browse comments. Your personal contact details will never be disclosed on the website. Should you opt to remain anonymous on your survey, your feedback will not be published on the website but will be submitted to senior management at Binks Estate Agents. This ensures your feedback is communicated and acted upon, if necessary.

How is the rating summary star rating calculated?

Every customer is asked to assess the Binks Estate Agents’ performance overall using a star rating from 1 to 5. This information is then published on our website under

The level of performance and their appropriate star ratings are shown below:

Poor Star
Satisfactory Star Star
Good Star Star Star
Very Good Star Star Star Star
Excellent Star Star Star Star Star

I completed a survey and now wish to withdraw my comments. Is this possible?

Binks Management screens all comments to remove any objectionable material. If you wish to withdraw your survey, please contact us at and we can arrange this for you.