Buying Process

Buying a Property

From the moment a new applicant registers their interest, we take time to fully understand the type of property for which they are looking.

Buying Process

This relationship enables us to not only help match buyers to suitable properties but to ensure effective negotiations can take place, and, therefore, greatly increase our chances of a satisfactory sale price for the client.

However, the effective introduction of a buyer to the property is the just the beginning of the sales process. Before any sale is agreed, important information is required to satisfy us that the potential buyer is genuinely in a position to proceed with a purchase.  We not only research their chain to confirm the viability and status of all dependent transaction, we also seek confirmation of finance from either the lending source or the financial broker. Upon receipt of this information, assuming all is satisfactory, a sale is agreed and a proposed timescale is discussed.

The purchaser and the vendor should then provide us with solicitor’s details and a Memorandum of Sale is sent to both parties.

Following this, we actively monitor the progress of the sale, ensuring accurate information is reported on a regular basis to our client, up to the point of exchange when a completion date is set.