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The world continues to develop at a rapid pace with the introduction of new technologies and changing consumer trends/tastes.

Property all wrapped up

With this in mind, each individual property requires a unique marketing strategy to ensure a successful sales or rental campaign. This is delivered through ‘customer-focused results driven’ processes.  It is these marketing characteristics that have driven Binks Estate Agents to develop ‘Binks individual’.

The Binks individual portfolio of optional and specially-selected premium bespoke products can be added to our standard service solution. It offers excellent value to our clients and delivers a highly competitive marketing strategy to the market place.  Each tailor-made ‘Individual’ bespoke option is designed to provide a distinctive property marketing campaign.

Cedar Retirement Village Cedar Retirement Village Cedar Retirement Village Cedar Retirement Village

Aerial Drone Photography

With the introduction of new drone technology, for the first time, Binks are able to offer Aerial Drone Photography for a property.  This option adds a new photographic viewpoint for potential buyers and tenants and supplements an additional dimension to a property’s marketing campaign.

We can also incorporate this technology into an HD film portfolio if requested.

Elevated Photography

Using a purpose-built photography vehicle mast allows still photographs to be taken from 10ft up to 60ft.  This individual option ensures the front aspect of a property/development is showcased as well as the surrounding area. 

Cedar Retirement Village Cedar Retirement Village Cedar Retirement Village Cedar Retirement Village

Professional Photography 

High-quality photography is essential to emphasise aesthetic aspects and characteristics of each property.  Binks already utilises new Canon camera technology for all photographs but with the individual service, Binks can offer the services of professional property photographers.  Using lighting techniques and advanced photography equipment ensures that a property image mirrors a true likeness and is not distorted.  Additionally, Binks individual photography professionals are able to advise the vendor on how a property should be presented allowing the best possible image to be taken. 

Bespoke Premium Brochures

Bespoke Premium Brochures

 Binks are able to offer a premium brochure design service.  Various high-quality printed solutions over and above our standard Sales / Lettings particulars are available including:

  •  A4 (4-page designs)
  •  A4 (8-page designs)
  •  A5 (4-page designs)
  • And custom-made brochures

The scope of this individual option allows the client to choose a preference for digitally- printed brochures that are laminated (matt or gloss) or standard finish.  When selecting this option, the client is in full control of the process and has the ability to sign-off the design before going to print.


Bespoke E-brochures

Binks individual has designed custom-made e-brochures that compliment a property’s marketing strategy.  The brochure is created in-house, is unique to each property and is designed to enhance aspects of the property digitally.  Due to the nature of an e-brochure, Binks can scale the number of pages easily and can include additional linked online content, such as maps, videos and Local Authority Planning consent.  Each brochure delivers an enhanced online experience and is available across all accessible platforms e.g. mobile, property portals and Binks website.

Colour three-dimensional floor plans

Colour three-dimensional floor plans 

Included in our standard rates, is a two-dimensional floor plan for clients’ properties and is designed to help visualise the interior space of a property.

Binks individual is now also able to offer colour three-dimensional floor plans which are aimed at creating a greater visual impact and help visualise each room in relation to the overall property’s footprint.

Photography Tour Film

Once property photographs have been approved by a client, Binks individual offer the opportunity for the photographs to incorporated into a dynamic animation.  The animation is complimented with background music and is designed to highlight features of a property. This film is added to the Binks website, social media and the mainstream property portals. 

Premium HD Property Film 

Binks individual can offer a premium High Definition property film. Individual works with film professionals to create a distinctive visual experience.  The team utilise the latest in film technology and rigging equipment which, when combined, ensures all aspects of each property are shown to their best advantage.

The final content is then presented to the client on a souvenir DVD and delivered to market via all online platforms to potential purchasers.

  • Approx. 2.5 hrs on site filming
  • A range of exterior angles and interior rooms
  • A few detail / lifestyle shots
  • Background music
  • Fully hosted HD film
  • Presentation DVD for the home owner to keep
Digital Camera

Premium HD Property Lifestyle Film

As an additional extra to the Premium HD Property Film, individual is able to organise extras and actors to demonstrate the type of lifestyle a property can offer.  This further aids prospective purchasers to be able to visualise the property, which can be an added advantage for overseas customers. 

  • 3-4 hours on site filming
  • A wider range of exterior angles and interior rooms
  • Lifestyle and detail shots throughout the property
  • High level filming using a crane or aerial drone
  • Custom filming using aerial drone - where possible
  • Background music
  • Fully hosted HD film
  • Presentation DVD for the home owner to keep 
Mixed Media

National life-style magazine coverage

At Binks Estate Agent, you can expect a property to be advertised within the local network publications and to the wider market via internet marketing campaigns.  However, if a client would prefer a larger-scale national exposer the Binks individual team have the ability to utilise a network of contacts in nationwide property publications.  These include property sections of The Times, Country Life and The Telegraph.

When this option is selected, the client has the ability to choose which publication they wish to elect and have the publication sent through to their home address.

Binks Individual Premium Online Marketing

Binks individual Premium Online Marketing Strategy Package 

All properties marketed through Binks are added to property portals and the firm’s own website.  When selecting the Binks Premium Online Marketing Strategy Package, a client’s property will undergo a premium online marketing campaign.  The property will be upgraded to a premium listing box on Rightmove, will feature on the front page of the Binks website and will have a unique e-brochure created by our in-house individual team.

This high-value package will ensure a client’s property receives the maximum level of exposure to the online market across all viewable platforms.

Pack includes:

  • Bespoke E-brochures in PDF format,
  • Premium Rightmove listing
  • Featured property on Binks website
Openday Openday Openday Openday Openday

Binks Individual Events Open Day Package

When selling a property, physical presentation is of paramount importance.  Working in partnership with a client, an Open Day might be the best potential way of exhibiting the property to potential purchasers.  Clients have the option to upgrade their Open Day with Binks individual and take advantage of enhancing the experience for the visitors of the property, making it more comfortable and memorable.  Included in the package is:

  • The use of the Binks branded Gazebo
  • The use of the Binks branded Flag
  • Promotional material to support the day
  • Free welcome bags for all visitors
  • Full events management for the day, including setting up and packing down.
  • And a full complement of experience Sales staff who will:
  • Welcome visitors
  • Accompany attended viewings around the property
  • All staff will be fully-trained on the property and will have tablet computers to offer further information to potential purchasers. 

The benefits for choosing this option include:

  • Ensuring potential purchasers are in comfortable surroundings before entering a property for sale
  • Binks Estate Agent employees can ensure information is prepared, laid out and ready for purchasers
  • It provides a signposting area to aid in dealing with large volumes of potential purchasers.
  • It creates visual impact and ensures the property is visible.

When this option is selected, the Binks will discuss the scope of the event with the client and ensure every detail is planned for.  The standard time scales for the package are priced per day.

If a property has space restrictions, please discuss this with the team.