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The Company has operated from its high-profile attractive period offices on the A404 at Wyatts House, Rickmansworth Road, Chorleywood since June 1994.  In August 2009 the Company opened an additional office in Amersham-on-the-Hill at Perronet House, Hill Avenue, Amersham.  

Simone and Stephen


Service Focused, Results Driven

“Service Focused, Results Driven” has been at the core of the Company’s philosophy and strategy for the last 20 years.  Our clients and customers are at the heart of the business’ operations and we feel it is important to embed this level of openness, commitment and focus from the moment we recruit an individual into the firm.  Developing and engaging all employees with the “Binks 360 degree customer strategy”, we feel, is the most sustainable way of client retention and support. 

Simone and Stephen are supported by a strong local workforce who share the passion and brand values of the organisation offering all clients a personal, enthusiastic and professional experience.  This unique focus on the customer experience throughout all operations has contributed to exceptional customer satisfaction and the success of the firm over the years.

Binks 360 degree Intergrated Customer Approach